Charles Caglar Unal




Fine Art Photography and Healing

The electricity is palpable in the night air as Charles Unal patiently awaits the exact moment to capture a bolt of lightning streaking across Miami’s skyline. Hours pass unnoticed and are ultimately rewarded with a photograph that conveys both Charles’ skill as a master photographer and his desire to transmit the precise feeling of his chosen environment to the viewer. As a therapist and photographer, Charles is gifted with the opportunity and skill to combine both of his lifelong passions and produce visual art that enables the observer to envision the limitless possibilities that nature can provide.

Born in Izmir, Turkey, Charles traveled the world from a young age and over a period of 25 years, he accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience, and photographic professionalism. He exacts perfection from himself when he works to capture his subject matter, which is due to a profound respect for the environment, its inhabitants and a deeply humble belief that we are but visitors for a short time in an immense universe. His art exudes music for the eyes and color rhythm that excites the imagination. His partner is light, together they work to discover delights and secrets in the hidden corners of the world as well as in everyday surroundings. In the swirling chaos of everyday life, Charles purposely finds images that promote concentrated relaxation. He aims his camera in directions that pull his viewer into a world, both staggering in its grandeur and beautiful in its crystal clear simplicity.

The passionate drive to preserve and share “moments in time” has led Charles on worldwide journeys of discovery and adventure. As a result, Charles has amassed a diverse body of work that allows the spectator to experience the healing power of nature through his lens. In the process of catching each shot, whether it be a black and white timeless piece, the movement of an animal or a powerful cascading waterfall, Charles is mindful of his primary purpose, “to capture an experience, an emotion, or perhaps even the sense of a faint smell by using a particular angle in conjunction with my partner, light, to connect emotionally with my audience”. His uncanny instinct for the perfect photograph and the perfect timing has made Charles successful in his professional goals of being at once a world-renowned photographer, as well as a successful healer who utilizes his art as a therapeutic tool.

Charles is a self-taught master photographer, published in several magazines, including National Geographic. He has been recognized by both his peers and the public for excellence in photography through his numerous awards in ViewBug, 500px and GuruShots. His emotionally-commanding images can be found in exhibits worldwide and through his network of online galleries and exhibits. Charles continues his journey to capture the soul of his surroundings and the uplifting moment when all the aspects of his art align to produce perfection.